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Giang Doan, originally from San Jose, CA, moved to West Minister, CA to help his aunt with her business. Not liking the fact that he was relying on someone else for his success, he decided to make something for himself. He graduated from the University of California in 2008 with a BS in Managerial Economics and Accounting. It wasn't long until he discovered he was stuck in a dead end job in the banking industry, making a little over six figures a year. He found himself stagnant in his position and didn't have enough time for his personal life.

Not long after searching for a company that provided unlimited growth opportunities, Giang started in the Account Manager position with MGA Business Consulting in May 2014. Giang has been extremely successful, and was recently promoted to Assistant Manager in November 2014. He plans to be promoted to a Partner role by the end of 2015, running his own market.